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Discover some creative meal ideas and recipes while doing the HCG Diet

HCG Diet Other Recipes Recipes
& Menu Ideas

Finding new creative recipes for this diet is always exciting. Everyday dieters find new ways to make plain meals a little more exciting and fun for all of us to enjoy. Keep checking back with us so you don’t miss out on some amazing creations! Why settle for boring when you can create mouth watering dishes that your whole family can enjoy.

It is important to enjoy your food, try making a healthy sauce or salsa to go with your meal. We have many sauce recipes on this site.

Tips for making meals for the HCG Diet

Creating meals that everyone can eat makes it easier to stick to the program.

Just because you might have to modify a recipe, it doesn’t mean it will be ruined; sometimes these modifications can spark new recipes.

Search the net for healthy recipes it doesn’t have to say hcg to be used for this diet. Simply take a look at the ingredients and make sure it can work with your phase. Then simply portion it to your phase.

HCG Diet Recipes

Vegetable Omelet   • Cole Slaw    Flank Steak    Baked Italian Meatballs    Cabbage Rollups

This recipe is great for when company comes over! We all know it’s hard to entertain and be on this diet, this recipe makes it easy to enjoy a meal everyone will love. This recipe is good for phase 2 or 3 note: she uses olive oil but just enough to wet the pan not enough to ruin a day’s results but for those who choose to stay strict to pounds and inches you can enjoy this recipe in phase 3. This recipe is good for phase 2 or 3 (portion accordingly)

Extremely yummy!!! This is a great protein loaded breakfast.
This recipe is good for phase 3 only (portion accordingly)

*The videos above may or may not display recipes designed specifically for the HCG diet. Some modifications may need to be made depending on diet phase.

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