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HCG Diet Steak Recipes Menu Ideas

When cooking steak for the hcg diet you really want to get the leanest type of meat you can. Ribeye steak and London broil are very lean meats. London broil is always a good choice because for about $10 you can get a good size piece that will make about 4-6 pieces of 100 grams portioned steaks for the diet. I often slice and broil my London broil which makes it very tender and tasty. Steak is something very simple and fast to cook for meals in the hcg diet. You can never go wrong with dry seasonings for steak however you can always use things like teriyaki and soy sauce to give it flavor.

Tips for making steak for the HCG Diet

Make sure your steak is always weighed raw (100 grams phase 2)
before cooking.

Pre measuring steak and other meats before freezing saves lots of time
in the kitchen.

Remove all visible fat from the steak before cooking.

Jalapenos, green chilies, onions, and peppers are all great seasonings that people tend to over look in this diet.

Featured HCG Diet Steak Recipes

Flank Steak   • Grilled Balsamic Steak    London Broil    Pepper Steak    Steak Kicker Salsa

Great recipe for phase 3 remember pesto has very little sugar but it is a little high in calories so we don’t want to push our 500 calorie limit in phase 2 so I recommend sticking to phase 3 with this recipe.
This recipe is good for phase 2 or 3 (portion accordingly)
This is a very simple recipe that follows phase 2 of the protocol. Take a look at how other hcg dieters make cooking at home easy.
*The videos above may or may not display recipes designed specifically for the HCG diet. Some modifications may need to be made depending on diet phase.

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