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Daily Meals For HCG Phase 3

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When going from phase 2 to phase 3 it can sometimes be hard to get out of the trend of eating only twice a day. In phase 3 it is very important to keep the fire we have started in our body constantly burning. Think of a fireplace, you don’t throw all the wood in it at once! Yes it will burn hot for a while but eventually it goes out. You want to feed the fire a little at a time and keep it burning for as long as you can per day. Here are some tips for the eating transformation from phase 2 to phase 3. Keep in mind this is only an example and some items may not follow the original protocol list. Once you have the hang of this diet, my experience has been that most people tend to incorporate little tricks or food items they have found to have no negative effects along the way. Here are some tips for getting through phase 3.

Eat small snacks every 2 hours (Try to keep the snacks serving size amounts according to the nutrition content on the snack. When it comes to veggies just snack until you reach a satisfied state don’t overdo it. The goal is to satisfy not to stuff!)

Learn the nutrition triangle (When in this phase it is important to keep a good balance of nutrition. Until you get the hang of it look at the triangle everyday and try to choose one type of item per day from each part of the triangle.

Guilty Pleasure (it’s important to treat yourself to at least one guilty pleasure a day whether it be a couple of cookies or a couple pieces of chocolate, just remember to try and keep it under 100 calories so you don’t overdo it . But reward yourself after a long day!

Meal example:
Breakfast: 2 Large eggs (Scrambled) =199 calories
Snack: Yogur t= 80 calories
Lunch: Turkey wrap = 380 calories
Snack: Fruit Strawberries = 60 calories
Snack: Cucumber slices = 40 calories
Dinner: Chicken, Broccoli, Side Salad = 482 calories
Desert: 1 small bowl of no sugar added Ice cream = 125 calories
(If you Dare!!!!)

The Days totals 1366 calories keeping your total close or under
1500 is great!!

As you can see in the meal example not only do you have a constant flow of food throughout your day but you have at least one item from the nutrition triangle. Its important everyday to pick at least one item from the following families:

(In a small amount)
a hand full of crackers or a little more melba toast then in phase 2 (Continue to avoid starches such as potato rice, beans etc.)

(From original list of phase 2)


(I have found in my experience that there are a few vegetables that the original diet does not mention or says are a risk such as sweet peas or carrots. In my experience on this diet I have found no difference in result or sustaining weight in this phase. Everyone is different experiment at your own risk.)

Meat/ Protein

Guilty Pleasure
(When it comes to this diet most people like to stick to the strict lines of the original protocol. I have found little tricks to help along the way such as sugar free candies and ice creams. Incorporating these items in your phase 3 is again, only my experiences and use caution because what works for some may not work for others.)

Nutrition Triangle

Guilty Pleasure


Meat/ Protein



food chart