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Keeping Fit During HCG Phase 3

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During hcg diet phase 3 it’s important to not only maintain healthy eating habits but also find a way to keep our body fit. Sometimes when a hcg dieter achieves their weight goal, though usually inspired to continue their healthy new lifestyle. Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that their new body is not going to stay in its new shape simply by eating healthier and killing old habits. The bottom line is that muscle burns more than fat and without them you will find that even though you are eating better, it can still be a bit of a battle to keep off unwanted pounds. When adopting your new lifestyles it’s important to also embrace a daily workout routine that not only helps you build lean muscle but is something that you enjoy and can stick to.

Let’s be honest not all of us enjoy waking up at 4am to take a luscious run or going to a gym and spending 2 hours a day beating ourselves up! Keeping in shape doesn’t have to be that drastic; it just has to be something that you find both enjoyable and physically pleasing. Here are some exercises that I have found are both easy and effective for a daily activity.

Things such as walking, running, jogging and dancing are all great cardio workout that can take as little as 15-20 minutes out of your day.

Here are some helpful hints in planning a daily workout.

Schedule a convenient time out of your day that you know you can be consistent with

(If you don’t have a time then make one even if it means waking up 20 minutes earlier every morning or cooking dinner a little later each day to give yourself that extra time. The time is there trust me and after a couple of days you won’t even notice the change.)

Make sure that the activity is something you enjoy doing
(You never want your workout to become a chore, when it does you will find it harder to stick to each day.)

Find a partner
(Daily workout activities can be more effective and enjoyable when you have both a partner to motivate you and keep you company. This can be a family member, a friend from work or even the family dog.

Stay motivated
(Find something that inspires you to keep going each day. Writing down your goals and looking at them every once in a while can help you stay on track.)