Three Popular Quick Weight Loss Diet Plans
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One of the most popular questions I get asked are how can I lose weight fast? While the HCG Diet offers quick weight loss, there are other diet plans available which seem to offer results even faster. Does a real quick weight loss diet really exist? Let’s look at three popular quick weight loss plans and see if they could be your diet solution. I picked these three diets because they seem to have mixed reviews, but do offer some ideas that may work for quick weight loss.

10 Pounds in 10 Days
A popular fitness trainer Jackie Warner created this diet. It is designed to offer ten pounds of weight loss very quickly then take even more weight off over a thirty-day period. The 10 Pounds in 10 Days program consists of three 10-day phases. Phase one being a 900-calorie diet where you eat whole grains, vegetables and fiber. Phase 2 offers 1200 calories and includes foods like asparagus, brown rice and broccoli to name a few. Phase 3 increases calories up to 1500 a day. It involves eating two eggs each day and is focused on maintenance or keeping the weight off. During the diet you will perform daily workouts that are designed to complement the diet program. 10 Pounds in 10 Days offers very healthy foods, exercise and maintenance to help you keep to your weight goals. I feel this is a diet plan that is defiantly worth a try for someone that is motivated and can stick to the three 10-day phases.
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The 3-Day Military Diet
Lose 10 pounds in 3 days is the claim behind the 3 day military diet. This diet has a few different names. “3 day diet”, “military diet” or all put together as “3 day military diet”. For someone looking for fast weight loss three days is probably the fastest you’re going to find, but does it really work? There is a good chance that you will lose about 10 pounds if you use the 3-day military diet to its full potential.

However without some sort of maintenance phase or plan to keep the weight off after day 3, you will most likely gain the weight right back. The most unusual part about this diet is some of the food choices. On day 2 you will eat hot dogs for dinner and ice cream for dessert on days 1 and 2. You will need to cut coffee on days 2 and 3, which can be difficult for heavy coffee drinkers. I think if you can find a manageable maintenance and a good workout program to accompany this diet plan, then you may be able to lose weight fast with the 3-day military diet.
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Overnight Diet
This is not really done over night. It is a seven-day plan that has 1-day power up and then 6-days fuel up. During the first day you will eat nothing solid. The day’s meals will consist of smoothies.  After this power up day you will move into the fuel up that offers high protein to help maintain muscle. Once the 6-day fuel up is complete you can repeat the entire process until goal weight is achieved. During the overnight diet you will strength train with short cardio exercises called “Rev Up Blasts”. The workouts last 21 minutes and are done four times a week. The Overnight Diet seems to offer everything needed including exercise and healthy eating. It does recommend more protein than what is normal which could be a problem for some.
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Any one of these three diet plans could offer the quick weight loss you’re looking for. I think the most important thing to remember is find a diet that offers maintenance and a way to keep your weight off once the diet is over. Healthy eating and exercise are important not just during a diet program but also as a way of life.

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