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It is common to reach a plateau on the HCG diet, especially around days 13-15 of the diet, but there is no need to worry! Stalling is all a part of the process, there are many contributors to a plateaus and they only last a few days. Most people plateau when they are doing exceptionally well on the hcg diet. Water retention is usually the #1 cause whether it’s the onset of a menstrual cycle approaching or simply water weight. Sometimes your body just gets use to the diet and has trouble moving forward. There are a few ways to fix a plateau in the Hcg diet

  1. Apple Day: On this day you will wake up, skip your usual breakfast drink of choice and for lunch eat up to 3 large apples. For dinner you will do the same 3 large apples, drinking nothing throughout your day. I know this seems hard but you will realize that the apples are really quite filling. Also your need for water is very low because of all of the juice you get from the apples. Now for those of you who can’t live without your morning coffee, I have done an apple days that included my morning coffee and still seen the same results, so if you must, feel free. More on HCG Apple Day and Plateau Fixes
  1. Steak Day: A Steak day is usually meant for phase 3 of the hcg diet, but I have found them to be quite helpful on those days when you have gone over a lb or 2, or stalling. On steak day you will eat 3 large eggs in the morning, a huge steak for lunch with a side of sliced tomato and another large steak for dinner. The key to a steak day is the high level of protein intake your body receives in one day. Our bodies do not store protein as fat so even though you are getting a great amount of food, your body still has no fat to burn only stored fat in your body.

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