Why other diets don’t work!!!
Everyone has a set number of calories in which their body burns on a daily basis. This number is determined by your weight, gender, height, build, and average activities, which is called your metabolic rate. Sometimes when a person’s activities change the number can also change such as maybe not going to the gym as much, taking up jogging or changing a position on a job from moving a lot to sitting at a desk. The average person can have a metabolic rate or burning rate of 2000-2900 per day.
Your number also changes when your food intake changes. When you change your intake to a low amount your body reprograms its number to fit those changes.
Say your body has a number of 2000 this means with your size, activity, and food intake your body burns 2000 calories per day. As long as this stays the same you don’t see a change in your weight. If all of a sudden you lower your intake your body burns whatever it can to fulfill its need and that’s why we lose weight. What’s bad is your body can be careless when it comes to burning and in a panic burn muscle and important fats instead or unhealthy stored fat. When you increase your intake your body takes what’s left after it burns its rate amount and stores it for another day. Some people might burn it off the next day if they have left over metabolic rate to spare, maybe you didn’t eat as much the next day and your body wants more! But if you consistently eat over your burn rate you will continue to store until it amounts to pounds.
So on other diets where your meals are pre-packaged or you are taking some pill or shake, your body most likely feels the need to go into survival mode and use what it can. Now after the diet is over your body has a new number! Why is this bad well depending on your diet your number could be 800 because your body has now adjusted to this new number by stabilizing your weight. Most diets drop a person’s metabolic rate as much as 30%, which means now your burning a lot slower and much less so when and the big calorie numbers get re-introduced the outcome isn’t good!

In this persons case having a number of 800 isn’t very good unless they intend to eat like they are on a diet for the rest of their life! Once you change your intake of food, everything that’s over your intake of 800 gets stored. Because your body is programmed to burn 800, so if you go back to eating 2000 your body can’t keep up, and what it doesn’t have the ability to burn gets put into your jeans!

Now guess what? All that weight you just lost is back!!!!!!!

Unless you are prepared to completely change your lifestyle most diets are just a quick fix!

Why Does HCG Work?
As you may notice in the list of phases with HCG there is something called the Maintenance Phase or Phase 3. Though you start out on a very low calorie diet to lose the weight during Phase 3 you are now re-programming your metabolic rate that we learned about above. The number for Phase 3 is programmed to burn at the highest possible rate it can for your body. With an intake of 1500 Calories in this phase, which is the average amount of calories a person intakes per day, your body has no problem getting use to your new size. Now your body has adjusted to a more realistic number! Setting your metabolic rate in a healthier higher burning stage ensures that when going back to eating as an average person does, those cupcakes won’t come back to haunt you! With HCG you are not only changing the outside of your body you are also changing it inside as well.